Note (2015-Mar-12) : I have the models in the book as Java Applets - originally, so that readers can visit them online and operate them.

Recently, the folks who provide browsers and the folks who make anti-virus software all decide they no longer wish to support Java Applets, due to issues about the security of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

After waiting for all this to sort out, I notice the restrictions growing more severe, so that even with the suggestions below, you might not get the models (Java Applets) running on the latest versions of your browser software.

Also, some servers no longer support Java Applets.

To address this issue, I plan to issue a series of videos that show how the models work.

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(Suggestions below this line may no longer work).

You may access the models (Java Applets) in the book at this link. If you encounter problems, refer to the suggestions, below.


To run the models, you must have Java on your computer. Once you have Java on your computer, if your computer blocks these Applets, you can try lowering your Java security settings (see below).

To install Java, see these resources:

Browsers That Work and Don't Work with Java

The models work on Firefox and Internet Explorer. So far I do not know how to get them to work with Google Chrome.

Setting Security for Java on Various Operating Systems

For Windows 8, you can move your mouse cursor to the lower right corner of your screen. Click on [Search]. Type in [Java]. Select the [Configure Java] charm. This launches the Java Control Panel. Select the [Security] tab and set the Security Level to Medium.

For Windows 7, find the Java Control Panel in Control Panel. if you can't find the Java Control Panel that allows you to set the Security Level to medium, you can try looking for it at ProgramFiles\Java\bin\Javacpl.exe.

For Windows XP, set the Java Security setting to medium.

For Apple / Firefox, to change the security settings for Java on Mac:
1) select “System Preferences” from the dock at the bottom of screen
2) select “Java”
3) select “Security” tab
4) change to medium
5) Then re-launch firefox.
Note: you may receive the security warning when you attempt to run the program although it then loads fine.

Note: If you encounter other problems, please let me know, so I can post solutions on this page.

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